Make sure you bring water and snacks for the longer rides.

The BCCClub rides year-round and seldom has to cancel due to bad

weather.  Here is a good way to determine if the ride is “on or off ”:

If it’s raining, or if the streets have puddles from the night before,

the ride is off. It’s always a good idea to check the weather 

forecast before a ride; be prepared and dress appropriately!

Not a member of BCCClub? Well then, take us for a one time test ride!

Step 1 - Select a ride from the Calendar below.

Step 2 - Check that the ride is suitable for your skill level.

Step 3 – Join BCCC as a guest member.

Step 4 - Show up at the ride start location, provide your name to the

ride leader and let them know you are a guest member.

Tuesday L2 Ride

  • 20 Aug 2019
  • 9:00 AM
  • Start - Captain Kidd's, Redondo Beach

Ride the hill up Temescal Canyon and enjoy the tranquility of Temescal Gateway Park, look out over the coastline from the Point at the Bluffs, muse about the mansions in Pacific Palisades. Return and possibly enjoy a coffee at Roman Aroma, or Sachs on the Beach.

Temescal & Palisades Overlook   43 miles, 1100 ft elevation gain

Simple cue sheet

Custom cue sheet

Expect a Level 2, maybe a Level 3 pace, no drop.

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