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Youth Bicycle and Pedestrian Education Program

For many children, walking and bicycling are the main modes of transportation to and from school. While both are excellent forms of physical activity, many children lack the basic skills necessary to safely cross a street or ride a bicycle in traffic. Many children do not recognize behaviors considered high-risk for injury while walking and bicycling, such as not looking both ways when crossing the street or not wearing a helmet 1

The Beach Cities Cycling Club (BCCC) designed a Youth Pedestrian and Bicycle Education Program that teaches students the necessary skills to be safe pedestrians and cyclists. Research indicates that education programs such as BCCC’s are effective by:

  • Improving children’s knowledge of how to cross roads safely, and changing their observed road-crossing behavior 2
  • Improving knowledge and behavior by teaching children how to put on a helmet correctly 3
  • Contributing to decreasing pedestrian injuries from car crashes, when combined with other community interventions such as engineering and enforcement 4