Beach Cities Cycling Club

How do I obtain a cue sheet for a ride?  This tutorial shows you how:

There are two types of cues sheet links:- Cue Sheet 1 and Cue Sheet 2

Cue Sheet 1 is a single column cue sheet, not so handy for use on a ride, but accessible by anyone by clicking on the link.

Cue Sheet 2 is a two column cue sheet, very handy for use on a ride, but only accessible to members with a RidewithGPS account who have joined the RidewithGPS BCCC club account.

Step 1: Access the ride you are interested in from the Rides/Events, or Calendar View menu.

Option Step 2: Click on the Cue Sheet 1 link, your cue sheet appears in a new window from which it can be printed.

Below is a typical one column cue sheet

Option Step 2: Click on Cue Sheet 2 link, a new browser window opens with the following cue sheet formatting page. Experiment with the cue sheet options if you wish, or proceed to Step 3.

Step 3: click on GENERATE PDF and the cue sheet will be download to your computer download folder.

Step 4: Print your cue sheet.

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